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Art & Craft Activities

Alum Bay GlassAlum Bay Glass

Part magic, part science, the making of fine glass has always held a fascination. Glass has been made for more than 5000 years. The Roman Empire spread the manufacture and use of glass, but after its fall many techniques were lost for centuries.

In the Middle Ages, the Venetians jealously guarded the secrets of their exquisite glass - it even became illegal for glassmakers to emigrate! However, here at Alum Bay the skilled craftsmen like to share their secrets! The glassmakers of Alum Bay are pleased to continue in the tradition of discovery and creation.

Alum Bay Glass has been creating and manufacturing fine decorative glassware on the Isle of Wight since 1972 and is the Island's longest established glass studio. Their craftsmen have created an exclusive range of fine crystal glassware ranging from tiny glass animals, vases and paperweights to perfume bottles, jugs and decanters, some containing 22 ct gold leaf or sterling silver leaf. Marvel as you watch the experts create beautiful works of art, transforming raw materials into lead free crystal glass. There is an excellent gift shop on site.

A visit to the Sweet Factory includes a demonstration, including a talk explaining every step of sweet making.

Alum Bay Sweet Manufactory

Situated within The Needles Park, the Isle of Wight Sweet Manufactory produces a variety of handmade sweets in the traditional flavours that form a part of most adults' childhood memories.

The sweetmakers thoroughly enjoy their work and, using traditional ingredients, skill and original machinery, some of which dates back to the 19th century, they have rekindled a taste of the past and refined it for the present. Working from age-old recipes, which use basic ingredients such as sugar, glucose and dextrose and the all important flavourings, they produce a large range of confectionery including, old favourites such as Rhubarb & Custard, Old English Humbugs, Clove Balls and Bull's Eyes and of course, Wight Mints, which have built up an enviable reputation both on and off the Island.

A visit to the Sweet Factory includes a demonstration, including a talk explaining every step of sweet making.

Glory Art Glass

A twenty minute glass - making demonstration and talk with question and answer session. Open until 8 p.m.

Isle of Wight Glass

Follow skilled craftsmen step by step through the various stages of glass making in this truly fascinating visit. Each piece of Isle of Wight Studio Glass is individually hand-crafted in the studio.

Theatre WorkshopTheatre Workshop

A professional introduction to the exciting and magical world of the theatre. 2-hour workshops to give children an insight into the workings of a professional theatre. The aim is to allow children to experience the hidden side of theatre productions and to give them basic instruction in acting, dancing and music. Professional actors/technicians cover dancing, movement, drama, music, lighting, microphones, sound- effects, special-effects, costumes, make-up, scenery and a tour of the theatre.

Theatre Show

Every Wednesday evening, the Theatre Company stages a special production which is publicised on the Isle of Wight and is open to the general public

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